Who we are

I Creations is a prodigious animation and video production company based in London, United Kingdom and Chennai, India. Since its founding in 2013, I Creations has grown from a small, specialised service into an integrated, full-service, bespoke video and animation production company with clients across Europe and Asia and offices in both the UK and India. With over 15 years of combined experience in the media sector and an extensive portfolio of work, I Creations delivers the best value-for-money video production and special effects services the industry has to offer.

We specialise in:

  • Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) – 2D, 3D Animations, VFX
  • Bespoke Video Production – Corporate, Creative, Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Film Pre-production - Storyboards, Scriptwriting
  • Film Post-Production – Animations & VFX, Scores, Sound Effects, Voiceovers


We aim to exceed our clients' communication objectives by supplying the best possible value­for-money video content

In general, our tools for doing this are:

  • Unlocking the creative potential behind every idea, storyboard or visual concept
  • Transforming ideas into visual media that is innovative and effective in its communication
  • Communicating visual media to client audiences in ways that enhance viewer engagement and impact


Our vision is to operate as the industry leader in specialised video production, providing a one-stop-shop for all things media, film and entertainment. Our keys to achieving this are:

  • Value - Provide the highest quality media the industry has to offer, with the best overall value for money
  • Engagement ­ Create bespoke projects which utilise innovative techniques to maximize viewer engagement
  • Hands-on ­ Be an excellent company to work for and with, that offers a client centred, hands-on creative process, and minimises unnecessary barriers between our clients and our technical teams.


We believe in:

  • Teamwork ­ We believe that passion and great attitudes produce the highest quality results, as well as the best working environments. Everyone in our team is friendly, polite, optimistic and enjoys working together! Because we love what we do, our diverse working environment is cohesive, fun and productive.
  • Creativity – All of our projects are completely bespoke and developed by our team specifically to our clients’ needs..
  • Ethical Work – We believe in integrity and ensure that our business practices are transparent, the lines of communication are kept open, and that we are operating with the highest standard of professionalism and accountability.

Team of i Creations

Hadeeban Vamathevan

Founder and CTO

In a production company, the cameraman and editor is of utmost importance and Hadeeban is extremely talented at his job. His magical touch in post production makes the videos come to life. Graduating with a BSc in IT, he worked in the IT sector for 5 years before turning to realising his dreams and working in the media industry. He started I Creations in 2013 and continues to be passionately driven to expand on the past successes

Kalaiarasi Sathappan


With over 10 years of experience working in the media field, Kalai began her illustrious career after graduating with a diploma in Film Technology. She worked in project management and post production management, as an assistant director and as an editor. At I Creations, she is the commercial director and concept creator for all projects. The backbone of the company, ensuring the success of each project.


Chief Administrative Officer

Carl has a BSc (Hons.) in Business Administration, over six years of experience working in the music industry, and two years of running his own music-video production company (Muphovi Ltd.). Very well organized and with a drive to excel in everything he does, his creativity and eagerness to learn new skills make him a valuable asset to our company. He’s worked as director, producer, DOP, editor and colorist on a variety of music videos, short films and other video projects. He also fluently speaks English, German and Italian.

Janakan Vimalananthan

Script Producer / Video Editor

Prem Kumar

3D Generalist


Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Concept creator, Director


Cameraman, Video Editor, Designer


Branch Lead

Jai Sarvis

Senior Editor


3D Artist

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